Modern Czech Beer Tasting

Discover and taste with us the most interesting Czech craft beers from the progressive local craft beer scene.
Czech beer no longer means traditional Pilsner beer and many small craft breweries are seeking inspiration from all around the world or dig deep into history in order to create new beers and exciting flavours from either local or new ingredients. Czech beer has never been more interesting than it is now and we are thrilled to guide you through some of the most exciting beers local craft beers scene has to offer, its process, history and many more intriguing details about beer.

Availability & Time
Bookings necessary
Mon, Fri
6 pm
2 hours
Meeting place
Restaurant U Sedlerů,
Karlovo náměstí 17, Charles Square 17, 
min 10 pax
€ 39/pax

The tour includes

  • 120 min curated beer tasting with a professional brewer and experienced beer taster
  • 8 x 0.1 l carefully curated craft beers
  • Complimentary food snacks

The tour does not include

  • Souvenirs
  • Tips

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