Czech beer facts

Beer is the Czech national drink. Here are a few facts:

  • Liquid gold has been brewed in Bohemia for more than one thousand years. It used to be brewed in almost every town, but now it is a matter for specialists and the latest technology,
  • The Czech Republic boasts a great variety and there are breweries of various sizes, ranging from the smallest craft breweries to the biggest.
  • 90% of the production in the Czech Republic consists of pale Pilsner (Pils) beer.
  • Pilsner beer is the prototype for the international category of pale lager.
  • The Czech Republic has the largest beer consumption in the world – more than 140 l/person/year.
  • Beer is a significant part of Czech history and it has strengthened the good reputation of the Czech Republic throughout the world.
  • In 2008, “České pivo” (Czech beer) was registered as a protected geographical indication by the EU.
  • The patron saint of Czech beer is Saint Wenceslas.

About us

Czech brewery & beer trip is a small family business run by Prague natives.

We specialise in small group beer tours that aim to introduce visitors to world-renowned Czech beer culture and its history and present it both against the historical backdrop of Prague and in other cities. Our goal is to provide high quality and unforgettable all-inclusive beer tours and experiences that focus on beer and Czech cuisine. Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we are able to provide unique services and we will take you to places hidden from regular tourists. Visit authentic Prague pubs, where you will taste the best beer from leading master barmen and look “behind the curtain” of both craft breweries and traditional large industrial breweries.

We are constantly on the lookout for new opportunities to taste the very best Czech beer and Czech cuisine.

The staff


Founder, Brewery & Beer Tour Guide

I am a native of Prague, but I used to spend my weekends in the region known for hop growing. I set off to the hop farms every summer, where I would watch and help in the harvest and processing of the hops. Therefore, this is where my relationship with beer began.

Beer is an inherent part of the field of study I later chose: gastronomy.

During my school studies, I worked in leading Prague restaurants, but also in regular pubs. There, I met master barmen and they taught me how to recognise good beer, how to pour it and how to store it, etc. I later used this knowledge in my restaurant, which I think is now associated with good beer.

I have been active in the Prague culinary scene for more than twenty years. Thanks to this, I have a good overview and contacts and I can arrange unique trips and experiences associated with beer for you.

And how was Czech Brewery & Beer Trip established?

I have organised beer trips for the visitors to my restaurant for a long time.

I have put together an interesting range of beer trips and experiences on the basis of these experiences and the acquired contacts. Many of these experiences are hidden from tourists.

Now, I offer my experience in the preparation of trips to the extensive world of Czech beer to you.

Popular Czech beers:

Pilsner Urquell, Bohemia Regent, Hostomice Fabián 12, Matuška IPA Raptor, Beer Factory Nevada Ale, Sv. Norbert November Brown Ale